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2018-03-30 - 1:01 p.m.

Hi, I'm doing HP rotation. It's the last day. The subject matter is interesting, but the rotation experience is unpleasant at best. I learned a lot of things, not about HP of course, about people. And why do I keep learning more and more about people, when it's clear that surface information, stereotypes, biases, deliberate blindness is the only way to go. Limit your contacts. Limit exposure to variety. Stay in one place. Live in a tiny world, where as a humble human you can let those neurons die off gradually, never forming those fiber optic cables of what you can never undo or not know. What is my new, updated "WHO-classification-2018" version of reality? Well, hard to explain. Bear with me. It will sound obnoxiously vague like the hipster-esoteric millennial rice-cakes-equivalent of language heard on the streets of Brooklyn.

I'll make it a simple sentence, as follows: there's nothing about human behavior that I understand. Human beings, their souls and behavior, hearts and minds, very existence, auras, are analogous to their physical bodies. Seemingly on the surface, and even well-beneath it, things appear logical. The heart pumps. Fluid moves. Cells attack. Hormones make us procreate. But that's where it's prudent to stop and enjoy the roses of your life. The more you learn, even about the most simple bodily mechanisms, the more terrifyingly scary and out-of-control it becomes. Wrenches are thrown. Wires are crossed. God is there. He's laughing. It's hard to think back on a time in college when I understood. People told me that you think you know everything in college. It was true. Life was a beautiful, balanced top drawer with one of those organizers. A place for everything, and everything in it's place. Why were there so many books about the same stuff?



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